COYOTE STAGEWORKS – Palm Springs, California
Chuck Yates


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Whoever says one has to go to New York or LA to see great theatre obviously hasn’t seen, but should see, the current Coyote StageWorks production of “Agnes of God” currently on stage at the Annenberg Theatre in Palm Springs. ~ Jack Lyons,>

There's No Happy Ending: Coyote StageWorks' Powerful 'Agnes of God' Is a Near-Perfect Production ~ Jimmy Boegle, CV Independent

Coyote Stageworks has the well deserved reputation of producing the highest level of professional theatre in the desert cities. This production is no exception. Producing Artistic-Director Chuck Yates should be commended for consistently bringing such a high caliber of artistry to The Annenberg Theatre and for continually raising the quality barre for all Coachella Valley theatrical endeavors.~ David Green,

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