ART Poster

by Yasmina Reza
Translated by Christopher Hampton

March 25th through April 3rd

A Tony award winner for Best Play in 1998, “Art” by French playwright Yasmina Reza will be presented for eleven performances beginning March 25, 2016. The comedy, which raises questions about art and friendship, has been packing in audiences worldwide for 20 years.

Yasmina Reza’s Multi-Award Winning ‘ART’ is a wickedly witty portrait of modern art and old-fashioned friendship as three longtime friends come to blows over the value of a very expensive piece of art. ART is the story of three friends and the painting that threatens to tear them apart. Serge, Marc, and Yvan are about to have dinner, but not before Serge reveals his latest coup: a very expensive painting by one of the hottest artists around, painted entirely in shades of white. Marc, who fancies himself Serge’s cultural mentor, is mystified by the purchase, while Yvan, who survives by quietly going along with the consensus, is asked to choose sides. While the friends’ evening proves near disastrous, Reza deftly reveals universal truths about men, art, and the ties that bind them.

Winner of the 1998 Tony Award for Best Play.
Winner of the 1996 Olivier Award for Best Comedy.

“…wildly funny, naughtily provocative…” -NY Post.

“…a nonstop cross-fire of crackling language, serious issues of life and art expressed in outbursts that sound like Don Rickles with a degree from the Sorbonne…Reza is a fiendishly clever writer…’ART’ sounds like a marriage of Molière and Woody Allen…” -Newsweek.

“Anyone looking for a play that is funny, sophisticated, stylish, stimulating and moving should go to ‘ART’.” -Independent (London).

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