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Season Three
By Marc Camoletti

Translated by: Beverly Cross
Revised by: Francis Evans

Presented at the Annenberg Theater
February 16th – 19th 2012
For a Completely Sold-Out Run

Suzanne-Elyse Choplin, David Engel, Elaine Hayhurst
Evie Hutton, Tracy Lore, Larry Raben

Directed by
James W. Gruessing

“Raben masterfully channels Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and maybe even the young Woody Allen. He’s simply a great comic actor and a joy to watch … (Elaine Hayhurst’s) viper-like alertness and sense of timing is perfect and hilarious”
— Jared Thompson, The Easy Reader News

“This cast wrings out every inch of the absurdity, and director James Gruessing pushes the physical comedy and pacing to the breaking point, with humorous results … The champion laugh-getter is Lore. Her Parisian accent oozes disgust and sarcasm for her boss and his lifestyle.”
— Jeff Favre, The Daily Breeze

“Broadway vet Engel is the very epitome of suave as playboy Bernard, tossing off bon mot after bon mot with dry sophistication and razor-sharp comic timing … Hutton’s Gloria positively bubbles over with Southern cuteness and charm. Choplin gives Gabriella the Italian va-va-voom that made ’60s stars of Sophia Loren and Gina Lollabrigida, and Hayhurst attacks the role of Gretchen with man-eating Teutonic zeal in the evening’s most show-stoppingly hilarious featured performance.”
— Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA