CSW was formed in July of 2008 by a group of friends seeking to lead more creative lives while giving back to our community. Some company members were looking to return to the stage after years spent in unrelated careers while others were veteran performers looking for new challenges in their careers. The common bond was the conviction that Theatre enriches lives. It enriches the individual and the community.


Coyote StageWorks’ mission is to bring affordable, entertaining, and thought-provoking theatre to Palm Springs and the surrounding communities of the Coachella Valley. Our goal is to create an Actors’ Equity Theater of local, regional, and national influence. We are a 501 (c) iii, not-for-profit organization funded through the generosity of “The Coyote Club,” our donor organization comprised of friends, family, and theatre lovers from all over the country. CSW thanks these treasured patrons of the arts and our inspiring volunteers for their tireless dedication and joy.


Community outreach is an integral part of CSW. We “Pay It Forward.” Since its formation, the company has given away literally thousands of dollars of tickets to desert charities including the Mizell Senior Center, the Palm Springs High School, the Desert Aids Project, College of the Desert, the Jocelyn Senior Center, the Prime Timers, the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, the Human Rights Campaign Fund, the Front Runners of the Desert, and the Palm Springs Art Museum. We invite your organization to join the fun!


PLAY DATES is Coyote StageWorks’ exciting new reading series. It represents an expansion of our community outreach and education programs. The goal of the series is simple: Bring more theatre to more people. Spotlight new works and lesser known plays and musicals. Keep costs low and entertainment high. Provide free or reduced price tickets to underserved populations in our community like students deprived of the performing arts and seniors living on a fixed income. Add seminars and workshops with industry professionals and “talk backs” with our casts, playwrights and directors. Mix it all up, and we feel that it is a near perfect recipe for fun. The only thing missing is you.


Please join the Coyote Club at CoyoteStageWorks.org. Help us continue to impact the creative and economic life of the desert. Help us continue to help others. In exchange, we promise to keep tickling your funny bone, touching your heart, and challenging your mind.



Chuck Yates. Following a successful career writing for television, Mr. Yates decided to returned to his roots, the theatre. A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York), Chuck also studied acting with the legendary Geraldine Page. Chuck moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to pursue a career in front of the camera, but his quick wit and writing skills landed him in the writers’ rooms of situation comedies like “Caroline in the City” and “Dharma and Greg.” When Reality TV came into vogue, Chuck began to look for other creative outlets in his life. He tossed the idea of forming a theatre around with friends Michael Solomon, David Engel, and Larry Raben. The consensus was that it would be very difficult to stand out in Los Angeles because there were so many small theatre companies. Michael suggested Palm Springs and introduced Chuck to Harriet Baron, Director of Development of the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Harriet endorsed the idea whole-heartedly, and the rest is Coyote StageWorks’ history. Chuck Yates is the Founding Artistic Director of CSW and Michael Solomon is the Managing Director of the Company. David Engel, Larry Raben, and Harriet Baron sit on the CSW Board of Directors along with Steve Carter, Alan Denny, Chaneen McCurdy, and Phil Murphy. Special advisors to the Board include Mr. James Duff and Mr. Michael Smith.


As mentioned above, Chuck Yates has a core group of friends that includes CSW Board Members Steve Carter, Alan Denny, David Engel, Larry Raben, and Michael Solomon along with company supporters Joe Carter and Greg Julian. This group has a ritual of celebrating the important passages in their lives, both happy and sad, by raising a margarita together at LA’s legendary Mexican restaurant “El Coyote.” When Chuck was entertaining possible names for the company, the importance of these people and this place made “Coyote” the clear choice.


CSW has two long-term goals. The first is to find a home. The ultimate dream for Coyote StageWorks is to build a theater of our own from the ground up. Until that day is possible, we long to be the resident company of a theater that nurtures the creativity of our actors and shares our commitment to providing affordable entertainment for the desert. This does not mean that we have to own the walls. We simply need a long-term commitment in order to make long-term plans for our company. A Coyote StageWorks’ home is vital to our community and educational outreach programs, vital to receiving corporate and foundation support, and vital to establishing and nurturing a subscription audience.

A home of our own is also a vital component of Coyote StageWorks’ second goal, the creation of “The Palm Springs Theatre Festival.” The festival is to be modeled after the hugely successful “Palm Springs International Film Festival,” and the dream is that one day our festival will contribute as much to our community as the Film Fest contributes. The centerpiece of the festival will be a national playwriting contest that will spotlight new works and new voices in American theatre. A schedule of full-length plays, one-acts, and readings will anchor the festival (as allowed by budget), and the winning play will receive a full-scale production. Industry professionals will lead seminars and workshops designed for theatre lovers of all skill levels and ages, and theatre companies from all around the country will be invited to join the fun.

CSW believes that “The Palm Springs Theatre Festival” can have a huge impact on the creative and economic life of the desert, and we feel that the festival can promote Palm Springs as an exciting theatrical destination.

“The P.S. Theatre Fest”….“Where Laugh Lines meet Tan Lines.”

Are you the Angel who can bring the Festival to life? Coyote StageWorks has big dreams. We simply need partners to make them come true.

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